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Corporate Implementation of Med 21 to workforce

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Plan 21 Wellness for Workplace

Cooking Classes

  • "Learning to cook is the most empowering thing you can do for your health,” Our cooking classes will help you in ingredients selections and cooking skills, to minimize fat and sugar intake while maintaining weight in place. There is nothing better than to have control on what you eat and the amount. 

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Diabetes & Celiac Classes

  • We have extensive knowledge in the fields of Diabetes and Celiac conditions. Through personal experiences, diet modifications and additional factors we have been able to control the conditions, and continue to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our classes will help you in the science of starches minimization without loss of flavors

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Shopping Health Classes

  • We guide you through the art of shopping healthy. In the age of industrial store-packaged meals Label Reading is fundamental. We educate you on ingredients knowledge, sources, growing territories and savings,  while purchasing the best products for your goals. 

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Nutrition Counseling

  • Another component to Plan 21 is to seek nutrition support and food education services. A nutritionist will guide you through a fun program to follow, with specific parameters designed for you. Look for a professional in your area.

Fitness Classes

  • We encourage companies to invest in their employees  by providing them a membership to a local fitness center, or to reward those participants who are eager to follow the trendy programs, on the path of reaching their goals of great health and workplace proficient performances.

Healthy Recipes

  • During your cooking classes with you will work on many nutritional recipes. Tested in our kitchens and labs our recipes are adapted to minimize cooking time, with recognizable nutritional ingredients and overall success in every bite, while discovering new flavors and develop an educated palate.

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Mediterranean Diet 21 Program for Corporate


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Med 21 provides a range of services  to help support well being  initiatives within companies and can help  to establish services where  none are currently available.